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Formato file:Photoshop brushes ( .abr ) file format
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Link di riferimento alle risorse (quali Web sito Captch questa risorsa)obsidiandawn
License: License: It's FREE!. Brushes: 34Version: Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+A set of Photoshop brushes composed of various shapes of gears. These are all vector graphics, and there is a design in both 2d and 3d for each gear shape. Also includes several screws (phillips, regular, hex) for holding those wonderful virtual gears in place! High resolution, average size is about 1900 pixels.My Terms of UseIf you’re interested in the images used to make the brushes themselves, I have an image pack for this set available for download on my website here: [link]
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